Accidents / Injuries

Falcocarve CNC (Pty) Ltd

Please be advised that neither Falcocarve CNC nor any of its employees can be held liable for any damage caused by improper use of our machines. We also cannot be held liable for any injuries caused by our machines, an proper caution need to be taken when using it.

Power Tools are dangerous, please ensure to stay safe from the machine when plugged in.

Disconnect the machines from the power source before attempting to change router or spindle bits.

Use eye protection when operating a CNC machine, especially when using the laser,

Clear the work wasteboard from any tools or lose objects.

Rather clamp workpieces down with woodem jigs, if the machine catches it somehow, it will cut through them.

Things that You Need to Know:

Operators should never place any body part into the machine or near the spindle while attempting a power-up mode.

For true quality control, operators should review and dry run all new programming–without stock or tooling.

Tooling or other machine alterations of any kind can cause incredible energy to be released if hardened steel tooling collides with other equipment.

Clean machines mean safer CNC machining operations.

Less experienced machinists need to make sure they fully understand CNC machine cycles and do not reach in when they think it is done. Always make sure a machine has fully completed its cycle.

Rather be careful and safe than sorry.